Party Pro DJ`s offers Football Bingo USA to bars and restaurants as an opportunity to build a loyal customer base of football fans on Sunday, Monday, and/or Thursday nights.

Thank you to the following locations for hosting Football Bingo USA this season:


   Brothers Bar & Grill in Lone Tree every Monday Night



How it works:

Customers receive a customized bingo card that features the bingo card, the logo of the restaurant/bar, weekly specials/features, and logos of any participating sponsors. The bingo board consists of plays or other events that happen during an NFL game (i.e. WR drops a pass, Coaches Challenge, Offsides, Injury Timeout, Close-up Shot Of Cheerleaders, Go For It On 4th Down, etc.) Throughout the NFL game, the host or caller will announce which event has just occurred so players can check them off on their cards. When a player gets a bingo, they bring it to the caller during a commercial break. They receive a small prize, usually promo items from a sponsoring vendor or from the venue such as keychains, hats, T-shirts, a complimentary draft beer or soda, etc. Each bingo they achieve enters their name into drawings at half-time and the end of the game for gift cards to your establishment to be used at a later date - repeat business. It is free for customers to participate and gives them a reason to stay for the whole game, eating and drinking in your establishment.


Please contact Rick at 720-557-6455 for more information.